Possibilities Need OPUS

We are IT Trainers and Professional IT Solution Providers

Corporate IT Trainings

Information Technology (IT) is as significant as any other discipline like marketing, accounting, human resource etc. It is a really essential component of nearly every company in this world. IT training means helping supervisors and firms adapt to different business processes, new technologies and changing conditions.
OPUS is providing various trainings to transform the students into IT professionals. Our certified team is providing professional IT trainings in different fields like Networking (CCNA/CCNP), Cyber Security, Web/Graphic Designing and Development.

Network Redundancy Solution

  • Designing and configuration of routers
  • Designing and configuration of switches
  • Converge IP (network) Communications
  • Enhance Network capabilities provide
  • Advance Routing & switching solutions
  • Enter price Cisco solutions
  • Expert professional consultancy & Recommendation
  • Load Balancing with Failover
  • Network failover solutions

Wireless Solutions

  • WLAN solutions using 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
  • WiMAX solutions
  • We provide the right technology to meet your needs
  • Wireless Solutions to address security concerns.
  • Point to Point & Point to multiply / Bridge building on different places
  • VOIP Solutions (wireless or simple)
  • Consultancy

Data Center Solutions

  • Planning & Designing
  • Deploying & Maintaining
  • Integrate critical Infrastructure For server room
  • Implement fully redundant, Fault tolerant and maintainable data center
  • We implement a modular ID and support infrastructure.
  • Consultancy

Data and Voice structured Cabling

  • Implementation according to Network topology
  • Planning, Designing, Deploying, Cabling structure
  • Implementation high speed Cabling system like category 6, 7 and fiber optic
  • Telecommunication wire systems for enterprise, Commercial and industrial buildings
  • Consultancy

WIFI Hotspot System

  • Deploy and implement centralize wireless hotspot system for restaurant, parks, airports, public places, enterprise, business and etc.
  • Integrate hotspot system with existing user name and password polices.
  • Consultancy

Network Monitoring System

We are offering:

  • Cacti
  • Zabbix

VPN Solutions

We are offering:

  • Side to Side VPN (IPsec)
  • Enterprise and Medium business VPN Solutions
  • SSTP
  • L2TP
  • OVPN

Centralized Data Sharing Server (Linux Based)

  • Installation and configurations SAMBA server
  • Create SAMBA Share
  • Mount SAMBA share with windows 7,8,8.1,10
  • Polices implementation on SAMBA Share.
  • SWAT (SAMBA Web Administration Tools) implementation
  • Permission, Implementation (Department OR user wise)
  • Provide network share specific clients
  • Provide network share suitable for Group Collaboration
  • Install antivirus for SAMBA share scanning
  • Create auto script/ command for SAMBA share/ scanning by antivirus
  • Consultancy

Firewall Security for Small Business:

  • Block websites social media
  • Block port scanner
  • Block brute force attack
  • Secure your local network traffic
  • VPN Tunneling
  • Protect your network from ICMP flood attack
  • Protect from all type of DOS attacks