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About this Course

The Asterisk (issabel) Essentials Training video course is designed to rapidly guide a new user through the installation and basic configuration of Asterisk. Key telephony concepts are introduced, explained, and implemented. The course is heavily example-based, with a focus on the practical knowledge required to successfully administer an Asterisk system.


Modes of Trainings Available:

  • Online Training
  • Class Room Training
  • One to One Training
  • Regular and Weekend Training

Course Content

  • Introduction to Issabel Phone System
  • VoIP Telephony Fundamental Part 1
  • VoIP Telephony Fundamental Part 2
  • Key Elements for stable VoIP Network
  • Network Services for VoIP Deployment
  • Hardware Selection for the Issabel Phone System
  • Download and install issabel
  • Post installation steps
  • Changing Issabel web GUI theme to Elastix classic theme
  • Login the newly installed Issabel server
  • Creating SIP Phone Extensions in Issabel
  • Softphone Download & Installation
  • Configuring Zoiper softphone
  • Configuring Xlite softphone
  • IP Desk Phones Set up Approach
  • Get Familiar with IP Desk Phones
  • Configuring Desk Phone Yealink Manual Method
  • Configuring Desk Phone Digium Manual Method
  • Configuring Polycom Phone Manual Method
  • Bulk IP Desk Phones Configurations – Auto Provision
  • Testing Internal Calls
  • Trunk – Outside Connectivity
  • PSTN – Analog PCI Card Installation & Configurations
  • Dial Patterns & Outbound Routes
  • Class of Service
  • VoIP – SIP Trunk Between two Issabel Servers
  • Inbound Route DID Configurations
  • Creating Ring Groups
  • System Recording – Audio Prompts
  • Creating IVR – Interactive Voice Response – Auto Attendant or Welcome Greeting
  • Enabling Voicemail & Voicemail to Email
  • Add Follow Me Settings to Extensions
  • Creating Announcement
  • Configuring Opening & Closing Hours for Incoming calls
  • Putting All Together – Making PBX More Professional
  • CDR – Call Details Records – Call Accounting
  • Post Paid Billing with Issabel
  • Enabling Call Recording & Call Recording Report
  • PIN Sets on Outbound Calls
  • Audio Conferencing
  • Parking Lots – Call Parking
  • Paging & Intercom
  • Issabel Users Groups and Access Permission Management
  • Monitoring Live Calls – Dashboard Operator Console
  • Issabel Address Book
  • Phone System Features Codes
  • Issabel Addon Market Place
  • Issabel Server Backup & Restore
  • Call Center Concepts
  • Types of Call Center
  • Call Center Components
  • Roles in Call Center
  • Call Center Analysis & Planning for the Business
  • Installing & Configuring Issabel Call Center Add on
  • Creating Call Center Roles & Users in Issabel
  • Creating Agents
  • Configuring Agent Callback Login
  • Creating Agents Break
  • Creating Call Services Queues
  • Agent’s Script
  • Creating Forms – Data Input During Live Call
  • Creating Custom Web Page to Pop Up with Call
  • Creating the Customer Phones Contacts List
  • Building Inbound Call Campaign
  • Agent Console – Overview
  • Agent Console – Call Back Login
  • Putting all together Testing Inbound Call Campaign with live agent console
  • Automated Outbound Predictive Dialer Concept
  • Building Outgoing Call Campaign
  • Creating the CSV File for the Outbound Predictive Dialer
  • Putting all together Testing Outgoing Call Campaign with live agent console
  • Issabel Call Center Reports Overview
  • Agent Break Report
  • Calls Detail Report
  • Calls Per Hour Report
  • Calls Per Agent Report
  • Hold Time Report
  • Agent’s Login Logout Report
  • Inbound Calls Success Report
  • Graphical Report Calls Per Hour
  • Agent Information Report
  • Trunk Used Per Hour Report

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