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1. Above fee is applicable in class / Group study.
2. Fee package will be Different for one on one session & International Students.

About this Course

Great graphic design summarizes the ideas in a way that’s pleasing to the eye. Persons may not be willing to read a document that is trying to convince them to purchase your product, but they will be willing to have a look at an image that serves the same purpose. Graphics designing plays a significant role in the decision-making process. You can design different messages and information for your customers using different colors, canvas, and pictures. These messages and data are shown in both print and electronic media.
A business today requires digital footprints to compete. As someone with an edge in graphics designing, it will become your strength and your demand will only increase over time. Opus Solution presents an opportunity to anyone who is fed up of the current recruitment process. It is a chance for them to start fresh and continue on a festive note because the institute sets them for life.


Modes of Trainings Available:

  • Online Training
  • Class Room Training
  • One to One Training
  • Regular and Weekend Training

Course Content

Graphics Designing curriculum follows the Corel and Adobe standards and is designed to meet the requirements of print and electronic media users as well as professionals. Training covers the following graphic designing tools:

  • Timeline,
  • Layer Controls,
  • Edit Bar,
  • Panels
  • Understanding Key frames and Frames
  • Frame-by-Frame Animation with Key frames
  • Introduction to Frame Rate
  • Recommended Frame Rates
  • Copying, Reversing, Inserting and Deleting Frames
  • Using Onion Skinning
  • Testing Movies
  • Classic Tween
  • Shape Tweening vs. Motion Tweening
  • Understanding Basic Motion Tweening
  • Using Tweening Effects Editing Multiple Frames
  • Using a Motion Guide
  • Animating Text
  • Animating with the Blur Filter
  • Animating with the Drop Shadow Filter
  • Basic use of Bone Tool
  • Understanding the Benefits of Bitmaps
  • Compression in Flash
  • Importing and Compressing Bitmaps
  • Importing Bitmap Sequences
  • Converting Bitmaps to Vectors
  • Using Basic Masking
  • Using Animated Masks
  • Creating Rollover & Invisible Buttons
  • Duplicating and Aligning
  • What Is a Movie Clip?
  • Creating a Movie Clip
  • Animated Graphic Symbols vs. Movie Clip Symbols
  • Creating an Animated Rollover Button with movie clips
  • Putting an Animated Rollover Button into Action
  • Creating Background Sound with Sound Effects
  • Controlling Animation and Sound with Stop/Play Buttons
  • Creating Projectors
  • To Publish/to Export
  • Exporting Image Files

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